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Thu, Nov. 3rd, 2005, 10:25 pm
suthern_bell: (no subject)

I am fairly new to girl scouts actually. I have been involved since the 6th grade (is now a senior in high school) and my troop will meet once every three months (if even) for what seems to be a social gathering. Well, it is time for all who are planning to do anything with the gold award to be nearly finished and I have not even started! My troop leader has barley mentioned what needs to be done and we have yet to meet and plan. I am asking for your help if you are willing to help out a fellow scout. I have a few ideas however I am not sure if they can be done or not.
Firstly, I had a plan to have a teddy bear drive for all the children in hospitals and in need of comfort (i.e. children taken from their homes due to domestic violence, their homes destroyed by fire ect…). This would involve having stores donate, actually making the bears and have stores donate materials if they will (or take it out of the troops funds which at the moment is in reserve for a Disney cruse…that is some real girl scouting there). After all is said and done it should take 65 hours. My second thought was to set up a program in my community, which will donate backpacks with the needed materials for children who are in need and cannot afford school supplies. Then Katrina and the other storms hit…the backpacks could be sent there! Then I saw an ad on nickelodeon for a program, which is basically the same thing only it has a name ‘we’ve got your back’ … would this work out still? Or should I stick with the teddy bear plan…or would that even count as a gold award project. Please, if you can give a fellow scout some advice do not hesitate. It will be greatly appreciated.

Wed, Aug. 17th, 2005, 12:13 pm
shoetier19: Hello!

Hi everyone!

I made this journal for all the Gold Award recipients and those who are thinking about or just strating to go for their Gold Award.

This is the highest award given in Girl Scouting and requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but is so worth it!

This is just a place for everyone to discuss projects they have done or ideas, as well as help one another out!